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Mentoring service that can aid students in exploring and selecting their best-fit educational direction and subjects.

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Are you having trouble selecting the right academic stream for yourself ?

Unsure about which educational stream is the right fit for you? Science, arts or commerce? Need help identifying subjects you'll enjoy and the courses that these subjects will prepare you for? trubuddyy is here to guide you towards your full potential. Let us help you find your ideal path and unlock your true potential.

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trubuddyy for every Career Decisions you make

Deeper understanding and confidence in your academic pursuit.

Career guidance for students for greater clarity on various subjects.

Pursuing a path that aligns with your passion and interests, you will experience greater happiness and satisfaction.


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Don't let your marks determine what you should do with your life. Sign up for an trubuddyy mentoring session and connect with professionals who have already walked the path you're trying to navigate. Let us help you discover who you truly are, finalize your education path, and identify the career choice that you will enjoy and excel in the most. With our career guidance and support, you can take the first steps towards a fulfilling and successful future.

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“Insightful Session!”

I found this session to be extremely beneficial, as it provided me with valuable information crucial to my career journey. Thank you very much! .

Ronit Roy

“Helpful Conversation!”

Great call. Helpful, valuable, open and transparent. Looking forward to more conversation!.

Pankti Dalal

“Insightful session!”

I eagerly anticipate my mentorship calls with Parth. His extensive industry knowledge in engineering and his past experiences make him an exceptional mentor.

Rishi Banerjee

“Wonderful Experience!”

Conversing with Jai was a wonderful experience. He provided me with valuable ideas and constructive feedback.

Karthik Kottapalli

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