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In an age where it's easier than ever to connect, let's start trusting on other people's experience.

Our belief is that numerous students tend to choose their career path randomly due to their lack of clarity regarding their interests and aspirations, and they often feel pressured to make a decision hastily due to various reasons such as influence from friends or parents or their academic performance.

We aim to assist these students and their parents in making an informed career choice by connecting them with current students or professionals worldwide who have successfully pursued the career path they aspire to walk, and offer a comprehensive perspective on that particular career choice. If your aspiration is to pursue a career in medicine, it's best to seek guidance from a qualified doctor rather than someone who simply believes it's a suitable career path for you.

THUS, We are creating a diverse and inclusive community that transcends domains and geographies for students, parents and professional’s. We believe that everyone can build their influence and be successful in their own way.

There are two ways to succeed in life. Learn by making mistakes or Learn with a Mentor.

One Team , Many Talents

Pulkit R Dalmia

Founder & CEO

Dr Amee Vora