Jai Goyal

Finance Strategist | Management Consultant | IIM Kozhikode | cleared CFA | Critical thinker
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About me

Jai Goyal is a highly qualified professional with a Master's in Business Administration from IIM Kozhikode, where he excelled with a remarkable grade point average of 3.47 out of 4. With a strong educational background in finance and management, Jai has honed his skills in critical thinking, leadership, time management, research, and communication. His ability to think strategically and lead teams efficiently has been evident in his roles as a Private Equity Analyst at De Shaw and a Management Consultant at KPMG India. During his tenure, he built valuation models, tracked P&L for private investments, and managed various consulting projects, showcasing his expertise in financial analysis and strategic planning. Apart from his professional endeavors, Jai finds joy and fulfillment in various hobbies and activities. He has a keen interest in playing board games, dancing, volunteering for community service, watching sports games, playing sports, and listening to music. These activities not only reflect his dynamic personality but also highlight his well-rounded nature and commitment to personal growth and community engagement. Jai's diverse skill set, paired with his passion for continuous learning and contributing to the community, sets him apart as a multifaceted professional with a bright future ahead.


Critical thinking


Time management


Communication skills




Political Science



Playing board games


Volunteering for community service

Watching sports games

Playing sports

Listening to music


Excessive work

Memorization over understanding


Intrusive ads or pop-ups.


IIM Kozhikode

Post Graduate(PG)

2019-06-10 - 2021-05-10

Percentage/Grade: 3.47/4


De Shaw

Private equity analyst

10/06/21 - 10/02/22

Built valuation models and tracked monthly P&L for private investments of D.E Shaw in the ABS, VC and Litigation Finance asset classes

KPMG India

Management consultant

10/03/22 - 10/05/24

Outsourcing strategy, Shared service center build, GTM strategy, Business case building