Heer Parekh

Comprehensive Company Secretary with Expertise in Compliance & Secretarial Work, Strong Analytical and Communication Skills
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About me

Heer Parekh is a highly qualified professional, holding a Company Secretary and LLB degree from the Institute of Company Secretaries and mumbai university respectively. With a strong academic record of achieving an 'A' grade, Heer's expertise lies in attention to detail, analytical skills, time management, public speaking, independent learning, and communication skills. With experience as a Company Secretary at Godrej Housing Finance Limited, where she handled secretarial and compliance work diligently, Heer has honed her skills in ensuring organizational governance and legal compliance. Beyond her professional achievements, Heer has a keen interest in psychology, enjoying learning about the subject in her free time. She finds joy in exploring new destinations and is an avid traveler who appreciates discovering different cultures and experiences. Additionally, Heer finds relaxation in watching movies and listening to music, which allows her to unwind and recharge for her demanding role as a diligent and proficient Company Secretary.


Attention to detail

Analytical skills

Time management

Public speaking

Independent learning

Communication skills



Difficulty saying no



Learning about psychology

Traveling to new places

Watching movies

Listening to music


Comparison to peers

Pressure for high grade






Institute of company secretaries

Professional Degree

Company secretary and LLB

2016-06-21 - 2019-08-21

Percentage/Grade: A


Godrej housing finance limited

Company Secretary

21/03/21 - 21/06/24

Secretarial & compliance work